5 Best Tips For Healthier Hair

healthy long hair art

healthy long hair art


healthy long hair art



Hello, Wild Pretty Things!


One thing I ALWAYS complain about is my hair. Outwardly, my hair looks pretty healthy generally, but it is so dehydrated that on some days I spend way to much time just trying to make it look passable to go out into society. Since my year theme is ‘No Excuses”, I decided to lay off of the excuses of, “This is just how my hair is”, and start to take steps towards healthier locks. I have done a ton of research over the last few months and found so many interesting things. I couldn’t wait to start, so in December I began to apply the tips I have listed for you below.

This weekend I posted a photo from my ‘How To Start Eating Healthy Eating Habits‘ and got SO many questions ab my hair. Even I have to admit that it looks pretty fantastic ATM. My recent set of good hair days is all thanks to some simple changes I have been making in how I care for and maintain my hair. Listed below are 5 of the top best changes I have made over the last few weeks & a few tips on how to keep you locks looking their best.



1. Silk Pillow Cases

I had heard about the benefits of a satin or silk pillowcase, but never went out of my way to purchase one. After doing some research, I found that these pillowcases are beneficial because the slickness of satin or silk allows your hair follicles to move freely across the pillow without any friction. With a normal cotton pillowcase, the hairs can bunch up, tangle, and become damaged. Hairs can even get caught in the fabric of the pillow and be pulled out or strained. Satin or Silk pillowcases will both be beneficial for your hair- personally I use a silk pillow case and am in love with it! Just from making this change alone I have seen a world of difference in my hair strength.  I have listed some silk & satin pillow case options below- Click on the images to shop the products.

2. Chi Keratin Collection

Keratin is the key protein required in order for your body to build strong hair follicles. So when my hair stylist recommended the CHI Keratin collection, I decided that it sounds like a good option. CHI is a brand that I have used and trusted for quite some time now so going in I expected good results. Well, I was not disappointed. All of the products are really light and my hair felt softer and smoother within the first week and a half. I really loved the CHI Keratin Flex Finish Flexible Hold Hairspray because it was super light, but still had great hold. However the product that I think has helped me the most is the CHI Keratin Leave In Conditioner. It is kind of embarrassing to say, but I have never used a leave in conditioner. After using this product for the last month, I will never not use a leave in conditioner. Leave in conditioner is used to keep your hydrated throughout the day. Since I have used this I have experienced less tangles and frizz – So, I HIGHLY recommend it. Listed below is the CHI Keratin line – Shop the items by clicking on the images.

3. Bi-Weekly Hydration Masks @ The Salon

I asked my stylist what kind of treatments she recommended because my hair is so dry. She recommended a hydration mask every two weeks until my hair was healthy again – At that point she said monthly would keep my hair looking and feeling a lot better. I have since had two treatments and am total believer! I have noticed that my hair is much more manageable within the first 4-5 days after the mask. When I style my hair I get much more volume & life to my hair. I have listed some of my all time favorite at-home masks below. **Stylist Tip** After you apply the mask to your hair, go over your hair with a blow dryer. You can even wrap your head in plastic wrap for better results

4. Monthly Hair Trims

Everyone knows that you should be getting monthly hair cuts, but does anyone actually do that? I have never made the time to get hair cuts that regularly so don’t be ashamed if you are in the same boat. The last two months I have gone in get trims religiously and it has made a HUGE difference. For starters, You know those split ends that have split ends that have split ends? Well, I can usually find at least one of two of  those every couple of weeks, but haven’t seen even one. I guess it makes sense, you are cutting the split ends before they can split again & again – But, I have also noticed that in general I have less split ends all over. I always go to a salon to get my hair trimmed ( I had a really terrible hair cut in Middle School due to me trying to trim my own hair & well, it is still a sensitive subject) but if you are brave enough I linked some of my favorite cutting scissors and hair goodies below.

5. Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum

Last, but certainly not least is the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum. This stuff is a wonder for helping brush out tangles and keep frizzy and fly away hairs tamed. I have always had trouble with products like these making y hair super oily or greasy, but with this my hair is left completely grease-free [ Insert Prayer Hand Emoji] Plus, this stuff smells AMAZING! I have’t tried the other products in this line just yet, but I am going to be purchasing them soon. I have linked the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum & the other products from the line below, in case you would like to try them yourselves.



Hair Tips:

  • If you have tangled hair, always brush from the bottom up. If you start from the top, you just push all of the tangles together tighter towards your ends. Starting from the bottom allows you to remove some of the smaller tangles and make the larger one easier to manage.
  • Always apply hair products from the lightest to the heaviest consistency. Heavier products can be absorbed through lighter ones, but not the other way around.
  • Hair masks should be done only once per week to avoid too much build-up.
  • If you have heavy product build-up then you can use a clarifying shampoo to remove the residue.
  • Shampoo should only be applied to the scalp as to not dry out your ends.
  • Conditioner should only be placed about half-way down your hair to the ends. The hair close to the scalp is newer and will only become greasy faster if conditioner is applied there. *This goes for any condition product or mask*
  • At home masks can be made more effective if you apply heat to your hair while the mask is doing its thang. Wrap your head in plastic wrap to get a better effect. (Don’t keep the blow dryer hovering over one area – Keep it moving)
  • Don’t use hot hair tools. If you have to, use the lower heat settings.



What Are Some Of Your Healthy Hair Tips?

XO, Ramsey

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  • Reply chatterkiwi

    Starting think I might have to jump on the silk pillowcase bandwagon, super helpful post! Gonna try some of these products 🙂

    January 19, 2018 at 9:52 pm
    • Reply admin

      You will be amazed at the improvement from just changing your pillow cover. That’s where I started- I’ve been using one for probably 4-5 months. I even wake up and my hair is less frizzy and crazy from the nights sleep. If you remember and try it, let me know what you thought. I would love to know what you think

      January 19, 2018 at 10:07 pm
      • Reply chatterkiwi

        Definitely will try it, and let you know 🙂

        January 19, 2018 at 10:11 pm

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