How To Apply False Eyelashes

how to apply false eyelashes, mink eyelashes

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I have only attempted to apply false eyelashes once in my life. It did not turn out well as I ended up with lashes stuck to the crease of my eye – That is not where they are supposed to be! After the first failed attempt, I decided to rely on my girlfriends to assist with applying the eyelashes on me. Eylure sent me a gorgeous pair of mink lashes and I decided that this was the perfect time to attempt the application again.

After doing my research online, I was ready to make my second attempt. Well, guys, with a few tips and tricks I was able to easily apply these gorgeous lashes and was hocked by the difference they can make to your face. Keep reading to pick up some tips to apply false eyelashes yourself.


Before The Application

Before we get into how to apply false eyelashes, you want to have all of your eye makeup before the lashes can go on. This will make sure that your eyes stay flawless after the lashes are on. You want to apply mascara before the lashes go on – This will help the lashes meld together as well.

You will need to decide what kind of lashes are best for your eye type. has a great article that will help you decide which lashes are best for you. I was sent these absolutely gorgeous mink eyelashes from Eylure & they are so stunning and surprisingly light.

how to apply false eyelashes, mink eyelashes


Deciding Which Lash Is Left Or Right?

If the lashes are not labeled, you can figure out which is the left lash and which is the right lash by holding the lashes in front of your face with the lashes facing outwards. Figuring out which is which is important for when it comes time to trim your lashes.

You can also figure out left lash from the right by looking at the lashes themselves. Most lashes will be slightly thicker on the end that goes on the innermost corner of the eye.

Measuring The Lashes

In my experience, lashes never come the correct length for my eyes. In order to see if they are the right size, you want to hold the lash to the inside corner of your eye and see where the outermost end land. You want the lashes to end right before the outer corner of your eye – Where your natural lashes end.

Cutting The Lashes

As I mentioned above, the innermost corner with be a little thicker than the outermost end of the lash. This is because the inner corner is what will hold the shape of the lash. The innermost corner should never be where you trim the lashes. You want to trim the lashes from the outer most corner to maintain the shape of the lashes.


Applying The Lash Glue

You want to apply a minimal amount of glue to your lashes. It should be enough so that the lash is coated but with a thin layer. Before attempting to put the lashes on you want to give them a minute or two to dry a little. This will help you cleanly put the lashes on with minimal glue spreading.


Applying The Lashes

When you go to put the lashes, I found it was WAY easier and looked way better, when my eyes were glancing down while applying the lashes. This made it so the lashes laid right on top of my real lashes which made them look seamless. I was able to achieve this my tilting a magnified mirror and looking down at it while applying the lashes.

You want to apply the lashes to the inner corner first to make sure that the line up correctly and apply easier. Once you have the inner lash attached, you can apply the remainder of the lash to the eye. Allow a few moments for the lash glue to dry before touching them too much.

how to apply false eyelashes, mink eyelashes

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