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Kate Somerville Cold Creme beauty products



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As a kid, I remember spending the night at my grandmother’s and watching her delicately slather her face with cold cream before bed. She would always tie her hair up with a beautifully ornate silk scarf and meticulously apply the cream from a container on her vanity. The whole process seemed so glamorous to me and I could wait to have a routine of my own.

But, what exactly is a cold cream? spoke with cosmetic chemist Joseph Cincotta to get the scientific scoop on what makes a col cream so skin swoon worthy. “Cold creams are very simple emulsions of high concentrations of mineral oil and waxes, like beeswax or ceresin, in water,” he continued. “The emulsifiers that hold the cream together are fatty acids or long-chain phosphates that are neutralized with triethanolamine and/or sodium hydroxide. The neutralized fatty acid or phosphate basically forms a soap base, and that mineral oil/soap composition is great for removing makeup and inflamed skin. The mineral oil and waxes are skin protectants that create a moisture barrier on the skin, which makes your skin feel soft and protects against moisture loss.”

To sum it all up, the concoction mixes to create the perfect blend of cleansing and moisturizing that leaves the skin feeling super hydrated.


Kate Somerville Cold Cream


Kate Somerville Cold Creme beauty products


While cold creams have been around for a very long time, Kate Somerville released their own version on April 1st, 2018.  This Kate Somerville cream is an updated version of your mother’s (or your grandmother’s) classic and  a reminder of why this product was so popular.

This is the busy girls best friend!  For a work week, getting up early to run through the regular beauty routine can be a tight squeeze. Anything that combine different products and saves time is something that is worth giving a try. The thick cream not only leaves skin feeling baby bottom soft, but it cleanses and removes make-up (Insert Prayer Hands Emoji)


Kate Somerville Cold Creme beauty products


Guys, Can we just talk about the scent of this product?? It sells so amazing that I want to shrink down and live inside this container for forever. The cold cream has a super fresh scent with a light floral note to finish. According to, the scent is made from, “Floral Complex of Jasmine, Rose and Daisy softens skin.”

I have pretty sensitive skin so I am always cautious trying new beauty products. I tested a small area before applying it all over and had no issue. My skin felt super hydrated and so so soft after using this stuff.   Sometimes your foundation makes your skin feel really dried out and lifeless. This wold be great to use to cure that problem, the cold cream leaves skin plumper than it found it and super dewy.

This is perfect for the fast approaching sweltering summer days because the product, as its name states, applies nice and cold to your face. The cooling yogurt like cream is oh-so satisfying to slather all over your face.


Kate Somerville Cold Creme beauty products



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