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Back in 2014, I recall reading an article in Vogue all about layering face masks. Now, what exactly is face mas layering? From the name, it sounds like you would layer the masks right on top of each other and kick back. But, on a deeper thought that would be just wasteful and take FOREVER to dry/absorb. Face mask layering is a systematic way of applying one face mask to completion and then instantly starting another.

As for the order of your masks, Vogue spoke to Dallas-based aestheticism Joanna Czech, who commented, “Always apply exfoliating or purifying masks first, and then hydrating, oxygenation, or rejuvenating masks.” While mask layering seems to be the new word in skin care, Czech did give a warning about over using this beauty secret,  “The most I would recommend for multiple masking would be once every other week.”

Before applying face masks, always make sure to exfoliate any dead skin cells- This will help the mask penetrate into the skin more easily. Before applying the mask make sure you have washed your hands really well.


TonyMoly face masks beauty



Mask 1:


Tony Moly Makgeolli skin purifying face mask



The first mask I used on this fact-finding adventure was the Skin Purifying Makgeoli mask. First thing first, What is Makgeoli ? Well, I did some quick research and it turns out that Makgeoli is a slightly sweet, alcoholic beverage originating from Korea. Okay, but why would I want to put that on my face? Well, according to Total Beauty , “One bottle of makgeolli contains as many probiotic cultures as 100 cups of yogurt, making it a treat for your digestive system and skin…It’s also full of amino acids and vitamin B, which firm and brighten skin”. The packaging for the mask says that it , “makes uneven skin tone look radiant and glowing”. I decided to grab this mask because I just broke out with a zit on my cheek that was super red – So I was hoping this would take care of that.

When you open the package and remove the sheet mask is completely saturated with the product. The mask had a light clean smell to it, in fact, it was so light that after a while you don’t really smell anything at all. Some sheet masks feel really sticky while you wear them, which kinda freaks me out. These weren’t sticky at all! It felt really cool on my face as I my absorbed all of the moisture. Another thing that I loved was that the face mask actually fit my face shape. I have purchased sheet masks in the past that were way to small or even to large for my face.

When it was time to remove the sheet mask, it was noticeably dryer.  My face was pretty wet, but it seemed that my skin had absorbed a lot of the product from the mask.When my face had absorbed the remaining moisture, my face was left a little sticky which I really don’t like. However,  I did love the amount of moisture that was taken in by my skin.


Mask 2:


TonyMoly Avocado Nutrition face mask



The next mask I applied was the Nutrition  Avocado Mask. Besides my current case of problematic skin, my skin is usually pretty dry, ESPECIALLY now that it is Winter. The avocado mask promised it, “makes dull skin look radiant and glowing”. This seemed like exactly what my parched skin would need heading into California’s version of Winter. During this season my skin can get so dry that it almost feels rough. According to Live Strong, “The oils [ in avocado] will penetrate and soften your skin”. Full satisfied that I have made the correct selection, I applied the second mask.

This mask had a pretty light and fresh odor as well- Again, you almost couldn’t smell it. I expected it to smell like avocado, but it smelled nothing like it. This is actually really great for mask layering because you don’t have too many strong odors laying on top of each other. Think of when you walk by the Yankee Candle, Co in the mall – Instant migraine. You definitely wouldn’t want that going on right on top of your face.

This mask was similar to the last – super saturated, everything absorbed, and left skin slightly sticky.


Mask 3:


tea tree skin soothing face mask



The final mask was the Skin Soothing Tea Tree Mask. I have used tea tree oil for years on my hair, but never heard of any of it’s benefits for your skin. According to “Milady’s Skin Care and Cosmetics Ingredients Dictionary,” the plant exhibits antimicrobial activity towards a wide variety of bacteria, making it ideal for acne-prone skin and skin disorders.”. This makes tea tree oil sound like the greatest thing in the entire world!

Although there are side effects to the overuse of tea tree oils. According to WebMD, “Tea tree oil is POSSIBLY SAFE for most people when put on the skin, but it can cause skin irritation and swelling. In people with acne, it can sometimes cause skin dryness, itching, stinging, burning, and redness”. Since I already suffer from dryness, this was a little concerning. After reviewing the packaging and seeing that tea tree oil was the last ingredient, I left assured that there was a small dosage of the oil.

When I opened the package, the mask had a strong smell and totally caught me off guard after the other two masks. The small got lighter as I got used to it and was more pleasant. This mask was also similar to the other two – super saturated, everything absorbed, and left skin slightly sticky.


The Results:

Guys, I don’t think I will ever go back to the sad days of just one face mask. My skin was left so plump and moisturized – I left like it was brought back to life! My zit was still pretty red, but the bump was on longer there. It was as if the masks had drained all of the bacteria and buildup completely out of it. My skin now has this amazing texture too it that was not there before. It feels firmer to the touch and baby butt smooth. This experience had made a full believer out of me! Now I just can’t wait for the next two weeks to go by so I can do it again!


The masks I used, as well as the entire line of TonyMoly face masks, are in the carousel below. If you click the images you will be taken the retailers website.


Have You Ever Tried Mask Layering?

XO, Ramsey

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    TonyMoly carries some seriously nice face masks but I never thought about layering them. Great info and post!

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