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Coming from an Italian family, coffee has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Whether the first cup of the day to wake you up, that afternoon latte pick-me-up, or, in my case, the cup before bed that just lulls me to sleep. (Anyone else get super tired when they drink coffee at night?) However, coffee obsession does come with a cost.

The coffee lovers curse is stained and/or yellowed teeth from the excessive consumption. So if you are an avid coffee drinker, like me, you’ve probably thought about trying teeth whitening

In the past, I have tried teeth whitening strips that you can get at any drugstore or grocery store. In my experience, they were hard to use and made a mess. I remember I would go to peel off the applicator only to have half of the whitening gel remain on the packaging, making it really complicated to apply. Because of this, I wasn’t able to properly use the product and ended up with no results. When Smile Brilliant reached out to me, I thought this was the perfect way to give my teeth another chance at whitening. Continue reading below to see my results and enter the giveaway for a free whitening kit of your own!

*Smile Brilliant provided the product free of charge. The thoughts and opinions below are all my own based on my experience trying to whiten my teeth.*


What You Get:

smile brilliant, teeth whitening kit


  • 3 Catalyst Pastes
  • 3 Base Pastes
  • 2 Impression Trays
  • 3 Syringes of Desensitizing Gel
  • 3 Syringes of Whitening Gel
  • Instruction Guide
  • Return Envelope


Teeth Whitening Process:

Making The Impressions


Before you can begin your journey to whiter teeth, your custom-fitted whitening trays will need to be made. To do so, you mix one tub of the base paste & one tub of the catalyst paste completely together.

Before mixing the pastes, you want to brush and floss your teeth. Your teeth will need to be clean before you start this process. Once your teeth are clean, you want to make sure that you quickly mix the two pastes until you can no longer see any white paste. Mix the paste for 1 minute or until both pastes are fully combined.


smile brilliant, teeth whitening kit

Once the pastes have been mixed completely, you then press the mixed paste into one of the teeth whitening trays. You want to work quickly and spread the paste evenly on the tray.


smile brilliant, teeth whitening


Once the pastes have been spread evenly, immediately apply the tray to your teeth and follow the guidelines below:

  • Do top tray first.
  • Do one tray at a time.
  • Looking at the tray, visualize a line running down the middle that is where your teeth need to “bite”.
  • Make sure to hold the impression tray with both hands. Place fingers along all points of the bottom of the tray.
  • Open mouth widely.
  • With Fingertips, Press trays evenly and firmly upward into your teeth. It will feel squishy and have a slightly minty taste.
  • Press the trays into the teeth surface enough that the paste will overlap onto the gum line in the front and rear.
  • Massage the overflow paste into gums.  Do not remove.
  • Allow trays to remain on teeth for 2 minutes to harden.
  • Do not bite all the way through the trays!
  • Do not remove early. Tays need to stay on teeth for 2 minutes.


smile brilliant, teeth whitening


Once you have completed both trays, allow them to sit and harden for a few more minutes before packaging them up. Once the trays have fully hardened, slip both impression trays into the return envelope. You will also want to fill out the consent card as well.

smile brilliant, teeth whitening

smile brilliant, teeth whitening

How To Apply Whitening & Desensitizing Gels:

You should receive your personal whitening trays with 10-12 business days from the date the impressions are received by the Smile Brilliant processing center. Once you get your trays, you will be super excited to start and see the results. However, make sure that you read the instructions thoroughly before beginning. I say this because there are a few steps to complete to get the full results.


Applying the Whitening Gel

smile brilliant, teeth whitening


When you are ready to begin, make sure that you have everything ready to go. PRO TIP: You will end up having a lot of saliva collect in your mouth during this process. Make sure to have a towel or paper towels handy to soak it up. Otherwise, you will literally just have drool running down your face.

You want to start with the whitening gel. To begin, you will need to brush your teeth without toothpaste – Just a wet toothbrush will do. To apply the gel into the trays, you want to apply a small stream on gel across the middle of the tray for the front side of your teeth. You want to apply just enough to cover the fronts of your teeth. Applying too much gel can cause it to ooze into your gums and cause sensitivity. You can keep a paper towel nearby and wipe away any extra gel.

Once the gel is on your teeth, you want to leave the trays in your mouth for at least an hour. During this process, I actually kept a small cup with me to spit the extra saliva into. When you have completed whitening, remove the trays and rinse out your mouth with just water. Rinse the trays and make sure to dry them completely.



Applying the Desensitizing Gel

smile brilliant, teeth whitening

When the trays have been completely dried, you will then want to move to the desensitizing gel. Apply the gel to the trays just like the whitening gel. A small ribbon should be applied to the middle of the trays fo the front side of your teeth. The desensitizing gel will just need about 15-20 minutes to work their magic. Once complete, do not wash out you mouth. The best thing to do is go to bed and brush your teeth when you wake up in the am.



I was super excited by the results I got from the whitening kit! I did the process every day for 2 weeks and saw such a change in that short time. I really hated the way that the gel tasted, but keeping a cup nearby helped to control when I had to taste it. The process was super simple to do each night and it quickly became part of my nighttime routine.  Check out my results below and enter the giveaway to get your very own teeth whitening kit!



smile brilliant, teeth whitening


smile brilliant, teeth whitening

smile brilliant, teeth whitening

Pomo Code:

If you would like to purchase your own kit then today is your lucky day! Smile Brilliant has provided me with promo code ‘wildprettythings15’ which will get you 15% off of your kit order. Head over to to pick out your kit and be on your way to whiter teeth. You can also enter to win a kit below!


Giveaway Requirements:

I know that you will love this teeth whitening kit and am so happy that Smile Brilliant was sweet enough to offer a free teeth whitening kit for one of my lucky followers! This kit is a $149 value so this is really a great opportunity to try teeth whitening without paying that hefty price tag. Please follow the instructions below in order to be entered to win a $149 credit to get your own kit. Good luck, Wild Pretty Things!

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