Best Tips For A Fresh Flower Arrangement

best tips for a fresh flower arrangement

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As I mentioned in my  year theme post (HERE), my year theme is “No Excuses”.  Getting into the habit of eating healthy & moving your body is probably the two areas where most people make excuses for themselves. I have gone into detail about home to remove excuses from your healthy and fitness goals (HERE & HERE) , but there are other aspects of your life that are affected by making excuses. Reflecting on the last year, there are many things that I hold myself back from for whatever reason. As part of this years journey I want to push myself to go out any try things that I “have no time for”.

If you follow my blog or , especially, my Instagram account then you know I am in love with nature and fresh flowers. I love to pick out blooms and different kinds of foliage and haphazardly throw them together to the best of my ability. I have always thought of how fun it would be to take a flower arranging class, but never took the time to look up a class and go take it. Well, I quit the excuses and headed to Boulevard Florist to take one of their intro mini classes.

All of the images below are of bouquets I made before taking this flower arranging class & learning all of the info below The last image will be the bouquet I made after completing the class. I thought it might be kind of cool to see the transformation.



flower market



Choosing Your Blooms:

  • If you have a wholesale flower market near you – Go there first to buy blooms! I talked about my first experience at the LA Flower Market last month (Check that post out HERE) and now I will never buy them at retail price again.
  • When choosing your flowers you want to look for flowers of different sizes, shapes, textures, and lengths. The more combinations you can make, the more unique the arrangement is going to look.
  • You can stay within the same color hues or combine different colored flowers – This is all based on personal preference. If you are not sure what to pick, it is always a safe bet to stay in the same color and grab different hues.
  • You are going to want to grab some sort of filler for your arrangement. This can be babies breathe, leaves, or even decorative branches. Something that adds some contrast and will fill in any blank spaces.



flowers bouquet




Prep Work:

  • When you get flowers home you are going to want to put the flowers in lukewarm water with a packet of ‘flower food’. They will typically give you a packet with your flowers, but at the wholesaler I had to purchase they separately. Make sure you leave with the packet – This will kill bacteria and help keep the bloom fresh longer.
  • Make sure to trim the stems at a 45 degree angle. If the bloom has a thicker or woodier stem, you will want to mash the bottoms of the stems so they can better absorb the water.
  • Remove any leaves that would rest in the water. When leaves sit in the water they will rot faster and contaminate the water. This can lead to your blooms wilting prematurely.
  • Once you have them trimmed up, It is recommended to leave the flowers in the lukewarm water for 1-2 days before arranging them.
    • If you don’t want to wait that long, allow the flowers to absorb the water for at least an hour before arranging.




bouquet flowers




Tips For A Better Arrangement:

  • You don’t always have to go for a traditional vase. Mason jars or Pitchers can make really cute vases and add some personality to the arrangement.
  • Sit so the arrangement is eye level – This will give you the best angle to see how the arrangement will look.
  • You can use tape or wire mesh to assist with arranging a vase of flowers. Simply create a grid with tape or attach a wire sheet to the top of your vase. You can trim and place flowers into the slots for a hassle free arrangement that looks like it came from a pro.
  • Start the arrangement by placing the larger flowers in the center and smaller flowers around them. The smaller flowers should be trimmed so that they fall below the larger flowers.
  • Using odd numbers of different flowers will make for a more interesting arrangement. The rule of 3 is in play here big time!
  • When the flowers are all in the vase, step back and look for the holes in the arrangement. This is going to be where you will want to add the filler of your choice.
  • When you are done arranging the flowers, secure them into place with a rubber band. Make sure not to secure the band too tightly. A tight rubber band can lead to the arrangement moving around and looking unbalanced.
  • More casual and loose arrangements can be made with minimal flowers. You just want to make sure that it looks balanced from a distance.



flower bouquet




Make Them Last:

  • When flowers are kept cold their blooms will last longer. Keep your arrangement in the fridge overnight to make them last longer.
  • Keep the flowers out of sunlight and away from any source of heat.
  • Check the water everyday! If there is anything in the water, remove it right away. If the water looks filmy then you will want to change it right away.
  • If you change the water, make sure to add more plant food.
  • You can trim the stem every few days to ensure they last longer.



flower arrangement bouquet




This is the final product for my first arrangement after taking the class. You can see from the previous photos, before taking this class, I was devoted to the same color scheme in most of my bouquets. They also have a much more classic shape. After taking the class, I feel more adventurous about arranging my bouquets & went for way different colors and shapes in my flower selection. With the tips above, ANYONE can make a gorgeous bouquet at home.


What Are Your Favorite Flowers?

XO, Ramsey



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