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Happy NYE, my Wild Pretty Things!


Today marks the start of a new year and a new opportunity to become the person you want to be. I love the push for reflection that the start of a year brings. We think back on the last 365 days and evaluate where we can improve ourselves as human beings. I’ve always loved New Years resolutions- Well, I guess I like the idea of them better. What I do not like about New Years resolutions is that no one seems to keep that one goal for the year {{Myself included}} So a few years ago, I decided to choose a year theme to help me stay focused on my hopes for the new year.


What Is a Year Theme?

Rather then deciding on one specific area to try to improve upon in the next year, I thought why not focus on the whole picture. As I started to think about the changes that I would like in the new year a general theme presented itself. Before the start of 2017, I reflected on how strict I had been on my personal life. I was super focused on work and school – Which is a total positive, but my personal life and friendships were put to the test as I was pretty much consumed by my other responsibilities. I was working out all the time and eating SUPER healthy, but almost way too often and way too clean (A girl can take only so much grilled chicken breast before she starts to get a little cray cray) So I decided the year theme for 2017 would be “Live A Little” as I would strive to find more balance between my personal life/ work/ school/ fitness routine.

For me, a year theme is a general way of looking at the world and my interaction with it. A mantra to keep me from falling into the all to appealing norm of daily activities and mind sets. As a general rule, I keep the themes on the positive side. If your sweet tooth was rampant and your couch got more action then your gym membership then “Don’t Be So Lazy” would be a negative way to motivate yourself to make better choices and get out into the world and live. Instead, something like “Be A Better Version Of Myself” would be a great year theme. You can apply this to health and diet, fitness, starting a project you have been sitting around, traveling, getting back into the dating pool, even just making time for yourself. I guarantee this mantra will be a catalyst for a better year if you follow through with it. So what have I been reflecting on this year?


What Is My Year Theme?


Looking back at this year, I can see so many ways that I improved and accomplished the goals I set for myself. As I said above – This years theme was “Live A Little” and I took this to heart in so many ways. I have remained active at the gym, but have made more time for social occasions with friends. I eat fairly clean (Especially in August when I took the Vegan Challenge – See posts HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE) but I allowed myself to go out and enjoy different foods. Starting this blog was even all due to last years theme. I have wanted to start a blog for years, but never had the time to actually do it. To balance my analytic and creative side, I started the process of creating this blog in March 2017. While I have seen a huge improvement over the last 12 months, There are still areas I would like to focus on this year for improvement.

So this years year theme will be “No Excuses”! I have been full of them in 2017 and I am sick of it going into 2018. Moving into the new year I want to set clear fitness goals and accomplish them. No more, “Oh, I am so tired after work” or “I don’t have time for that”. I want to eat clean and learn how to make more delicious  recipes. No more, “The Habit is so much faster” or “I’m just not a good cook”. I want to try things that I have always wanted to do but have never made time for. As you all know, nothing makes me happier then a palm tree and or a fresh bouquet of flowers {{Peonies- Please!}} Something I have always wanted to do is take a flower arranging class, but I have always made excuses as to why I “Just don’t have the time for that”.

For the month of December, “No Excuses” will not just be my year theme, it will be the theme for this blog. Over the next 4 weeks, I will be going into how to start a work out routine, how to start eating a clean diet, finally take a flower arranging class, and share more on my journey to stop the excuses and make the most of every minute of this crazy, beautiful life!


What did you think about my idea of a year theme? What is your resolution/ year theme for 2018?

XO, Wild Pretty Things


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  • Reply Vanessa Gregoria

    Great idea having a theme for the year and no excuses is perfect. I hope you have a wonderful New Year 🙂

    January 1, 2018 at 3:00 pm
    • Reply admin

      Thanks! I’ve found that it helps me stay more focused on my goal for the year. I hope for a successful and happy year for you as well! ?

      January 1, 2018 at 3:15 pm
  • Reply Health & Fitness Tips: What To Expect From Your First Pilates Reformer Class - The Astonishing Tales

    […] you read along then you know that my year theme is “No Excuses.” (If not read more HERE) So I have decided to remove the excuses and FINALLY take my first Pilates […]

    May 16, 2018 at 8:08 pm
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