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diy paper flowers, paper flowers

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A few weekends back, I was in Las Vegas for my best friend’s bachelorette party. I wanted to have a really fun backdrop to take photos in front of in our hotel room. My mom is an amazing crafter – Seriously on another level – and she has made these gorgeous DIY paper flowers for parties and events in the past. I decided to see if I inherited that crafty gene and try to make them myself.

This DIY paper flowers tutorial is going to be my first tutorial for something as complicated to explain as this. So, if you have any questions or get confused, please do not be afraid to ask me to clarify a step or procedure. Feel free to leave a comment below with any questions! Continue reading to see how to make these gorgeous DIY paper flowers & to see how it all came together in Las Vegas!

diy paper flowers, paper flowers

Creating the Petals 

  1. Before you begin, you are going to want to decide what size you want the paper flowers or if there are going to be a variety of small and large. This tutorial is going to cover the making of large paper flowers, but you can scale down if you wish to make smaller DIY paper flowers.
  2. Choosing the number of layers of petals: For the large DIY paper flowers, I would recommend making 4 different sized petals. You can just make three different petals, but it does look a little better with that extra layer.
  3. Choosing Petal Size & Shape: I don’t have a template for the petals. (Comment below if you would like me to create one and add it to the post!) Instead, I think of the flower I want to make and the shape of their petals. Below is my general guidelines for creating the different sized petals:
    1. The biggest petals should be almost at large as one sheet of paper. (I used standard colored paper from Michaels )
    2. The next petal should be smaller than the first, but still be large enough to where you could only cut one petal from the paper.
    3. The next petal should be large enough that you could cut two petals from one sheet of paper. (Tip: Fold the paper in half & trace one pattern. Cut it out, cope on the other side of the sheet of paper, and cut the other petal out as well)
    4. If you make a fourth petal, it should be large enough so that you could cut out three petals from one sheet of paper. (Tip: Same as before, fold the paper and draw out the petal to make the template.)
  4. Number of Petals: If you decided to make only three different sized petals, then all you need is 5 of each petals size. If you decided to make four different petals sizes, you will need 5 of the first three sizes (Same as above) & additionally 4 of the smallest petal.

Prep Work

  1. Once you have all of the petals cut out, the prep work continues. In order to give the petals their shape, you need to cut a two-inch slit in the base of each paper flowers, paper flowers
  2. Put a small dot of hot glue on one side of the slit & overlap the other slit on top of the glue. This makes the petal have a bubbled-out look.
  3. Next, you are going to want to curl the round edge of the petal. You can use a pencil or a wooden skewer as I used. Wrap the edge of the petal around the skewer lightly. You just want a slight bend to the petals edge (So it looks like a flower!)
  4. The prep work is SUPER tedious, but I highly recommend doing up to this point for all of the flowers you are going to make. The next steps will fly by if you have everything ready from here.

diy paper flowers, paper flowers


Constructing the Flowers

  1. Each paper flower starts off with a base. Each petal will be glued to the base to connect them to each other. For this DIY paper flower, you will want a circular base with a 3-4 inch diameter. You will need two bases for each flower.
  2. To begin, glue down the first of the five largest petals so that the open side of the petal is facing the center of the base.
  3. Continue gluing the petals down in a circular direction, moving from larger to smaller paper flowers, paper flowers
  4. When you have glued all the petals down, the flower looks a little cramped. You want to push back the petals away from the base – Try to make the petals lay flatter.
    1. Some can be a little flatter than others. This will make it look more like a real flower whose petals aren’t all alike.

diy paper flowers, paper flowers


Finishing Touches

  1. Once you have all the petals glued down, next we will create the center of the flowers. There are tons of different ways that my mother has done the center and this is the easiest one to do. You simply take some of the scrap paper you have left over (There is a lot of smaller bits of paper & this is a good way to put it to use!) and roll it up. Once you have the shape you want, hot glue the center to the paper flowers. diy paper flowers, paper flowers
  2. Next, we will finish the back of the base so the paper flowers are easy to tie up. You should have cut two bases for each DIY paper flowers. Take the other base and hole punch two holes. The holes should be in the center and parallel.
  3. Cut an 8-10 inch piece of ribbon and put each edge through the two hole punches. Finally, you want to glue the bases together so that the ribbon edges are sticking out. Now you can use the ribbon to tie the flower wherever you would like to place the decorations. (I used those Command brand wall hook stickies and tied the flowers onto the hook for the hotel room!

diy paper flowers, paper flowers


A Little Extra

  1. A final touch that I added to my DIY paper flowers was these little circle crystal stickers that add just the right amount of sparkle when the lights hit them. Plus, it kinda looks like little dew drops that real flowers might have.

diy paper flowers, paper flowers


How I Constructed My Backdrop

  1. If you are going to make a backdrop, pick a location that will get good light. You also want to make sure you have enough wall space to create the entire backdrop.
  2. Once I had the location, I took a Command wall hook and placed it in the center of the area. I started towards the top of the wall to begin to get the shape.
  3. I tried two paper flowers on this hook which made up the center. I placed hooks on either side and added more flowers. You can really play with the placement until you get the shape you are looking for.
  4. Next, I taped up the silver foil door curtain behind the bottom of the flowers. So the tape was covered by the flowers. (I used only one, but I had wished that I had a second one so it would be wider)
  5. Finally, I attached the banner over the silver curtain. Since this was for a bachelorette party, the banner I got said ‘Same Penis Forever’. However, a ‘Happy Birthday’ or less vulgar bachelorette banner would work too.

diy paper flowers, paper flowers


In case you are interested,  have linked all of the items you would need to make these DIY paper flowers & the backdrop below. If you liked this tutorial or end up trying to make these really cool flowers, please let me know in the comments below. I would love to know how it went for you!


What Would You Use These Decorative Flowers For?


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