Best Tips For Cleaning Out You Closet

best tips for cleaning out your closet



Hello, Wild Pretty Things!


If you are anything like me, you develop strong emotional attachments to articles of clothing. Before this purging process, I even had my pink, lace Betsey Johnson prom dress hanging in my closet. You know, for when you need that party dress on the fly. I understand that this is crazy, but every time I look at the dress it would remind me of all the fun memories and I just could not part with it. This idea of emotional attachment is something that is common with many people. I thought that I would share some of the things I have learned to help purge my closet of pieces that are just taking up space.

Besides purging unwanted clothing items, organization of your closet is another must when Spring cleaning. Probably the best perk to organizing your closet is that you get more space for pieces you love. Organizing you closet also allows you to easily see and locate pieces that are usually buried in a draw. Organizing your closet also makes it effortless to create outfits.

For the purpose of this post I am going to focus on one small potion of my closet. This portion I share with Brandon so it is usually in the state of chaos that you see below:


best tips for cleaning out your closet

best tips for cleaning out your closet

best tips for cleaning out your closet

best tips for cleaning out your closet


Letting Go:

Remove everything from the closet so nothing can hide. As you put piece by piece in, make sure:

  • Things you haven’t worn in a year should be given away.
  • If it’s hard to let go of things then try it on. If you still think you will wear it then place a soda tag & if not worn by this time next year, its time to let go.
  • If there are pieces that you wear but they always annoy you or make you fidgety then get rid of it.
  • If the items are a current style then you can.
  • If the item does not currently fit you then you need to let it go. We all have that great pair of jeans or dress that used to fit us like a dream when we were thinner. While having the goal of losing weight it great, the constant reminder of when you were lighter isn’t doing anything for your self confidence when you have to look at them every time you get dressed. If you get down to that size again you can reward yourself with a new pair of jeans.
  • Items that hold strong sentimental value can be kept, but it shouldn’t remain in you closet.
  • Even if space isn’t an issue in you closet, getting rid of older items of clothing makes it easier to see the clothes you want to wear more easily.


  • Roll up magazine and tuck them into boots to keep them standing up and neat.

best tips for cleaning out your closet


  • Keep everything separated (Tops, pants, skirts, & dresses)


  • Keep all hangers pointed towards the back of the closet. When you wear something, wash it, & re-hang it, make sure to have the hangers face inwards (towards the font of closet) Then next year you will know what you didn’t wear. In the example below, the item to the farthest right would be the only item that was worn.

best tips for cleaning out your closet


  • Separate items by keeping like colors together.

best tips for cleaning out your closet

best tips for cleaning out your closet


  • Switch to the Velvety hangers to create more space. For jeans & pants I like the sturdier wooden hangers – They can hold a few pairs of jeans so they still save space.

best tips for cleaning out your closet


  • Keep a basket in your closet to drop clothes you want to get rid of. When the basket is full, take all of the items to a place to donate them.

best tips for cleaning out your closet


  • Rotate your Summer & Winter closes as needed. Keep storage bins for the clothes you wont need for the current season.
  • Clothing that you purged, that is still in good condition & in style, can me sold for a profit. I really love DePop! I started my own store (HERE) and have listed some of the items from my posts. I will update my store with previously loved items regularly!


best tips for cleaning out your closet


**After photos have mysteriously disappeared – Updated photo coming soon!**


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What Other Closet Clean Out Tips Do You Have?

XO, Ramsey



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    Great tips! 😀

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      Thanks! Do you ever have trouble letting go?

      March 23, 2018 at 11:01 am
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    Totally love the boots!

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    Nice.. My closet is in a mess and these tips were needed. Thanks!! ?

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