2018 Nail Designs: Part 2

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Hello, Wild Pretty Things!

This year I have decided that I want to have different nail designs with every mani. About every 2-3 weeks I put a poll up on Instagram stories and all of you get to help me decide which nail design I should get. A few months back I posted my part 1 nail art – You can see it here! The last 3 months I have had so many fun designs and I couldn’t wait to share them with you! Besides some really cool nail art, I ran into a nail dilemma after months of gel manicures. Continue reading to see what gel manicures did to my nails & how I healed them.


Gel Manicure Nightmare

I only recently started getting gel manicure regularly. The problem with a regular manicure is that I literally destroy it in just a few days. Sometimes, within minutes of getting a regular manicure, my nails will look like I am a cat stretching at a post. My nail technicians would always push gel manicures, but I used to get acrylic nails in High school and they ruined my nails. So, I was fearful to have the same happen with gels.

I finally took the dive and the results were amazing – my nails were tougher and the nail designs lasted 2-3 weeks with minimal chipping. I was completely sold and a full fledged gel manicure believer. However, my nail technician failed to let me know about the process of removing the gel nails.

I have a slight OCD when it comes to my nails. Once a nail has chipped, I would chip away all of the remaining paint and have to do the same with all the remaining nails. After 7-8 nail designs that I ripped off myself, my nails started to peel in layers just like an onion. My nails were really weak and brittle – giving me flashbacks to those evil acrylic nails from high school.


Healing My Nails

I am still in the process of healing my nails, but they currently are in much better shape than they previously were. To start to the healing process, I would get my nail art with regular manicures for a few weeks. This gave my nails a chance to repair themselves without me ripping off more polish. I also started applying olive oil onto my nails and cuticles throughout the day. Olive oil is super hydrating and can help keep your nails healthy.

I decided that I needed to add a nail vitamin into my routine to help my nail beds heal. I started using 10,000 MG Biotin pills. According to, “Also known as vitamin H, biotin is one of the B complex vitamins that help the body convert food into energy…B vitamins, and specifically biotin, help keep your skin, hair, eyes, liver, and nervous system healthy. ”  I noticed a huge difference in my nails health within the first couple weeks of using biotin.

I started getting gel manicures once I felt like my nails were at a point where they could handle it. When getting my nails done I made sure to ask the technician about the full process of removing the nails. It turns out that you do not just rip the gel paint off yourself – Shocking! Instead, the technician will use a buffer tool to remove the top layer of gel paint. They then soak the nails with nail polish remover and use a manicure tool to easily remove the last of the paint.


Nail Designs – April to June

nail designs, nail art

nail designs, nail art nail designs, nail art

nail designs, nail art

nail designs, nail art

nail designs, nail art


What Nail Art Should I Do Next?


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